Council Member

Council Member

Head of the Institute

Sr. No. Name of the Head Designation Email Contact No.
1 Dr. Umesh Patil Principal & Director 9880217636

President of the IIC

Sr. No. Name of the President Designation Email Contact No.
1 Dr. Umesh Patil Principal & Director 9880217636

Teaching Faculty Members

Sr. No. Name of Member Member Type (Teaching / Nonteaching / External Expert) Key Role / Position assigned in IIC
1 Dr. Umesh P.Patil Principal/President Head of the Institute and President
2 Prof. Kavita G Vasedar Teaching Vice-President
3 Dr. Mallikarjun Sarasamba Teaching Dean academic
4 Prof. Santosh I Kolaki Teaching Convener, NIRF Coordinator,
5 Prof. Govind M R Teaching Social Media Coordinator, Member
6 Prof.Akshay B. Yadawad Teaching Internship Activity Coordinator, Member
7 Prof.Abhinadan Hukkeri Teaching ARIIA Coordinator, Member
8 Prof. Namrata Korade Teaching Innovation Activity Coordinator, Member
9 Prof. Anup Ganji Teaching Startup Activity Coordinator, Member
10 Prof.Sushant Metri Teaching IPR Activity Coordinator, Member
11 Prof.Mahesh Shirur Teaching Member
12 Dr Rajesh External Expert Member
13 Mr. Tulasidas Salunkhe External Expert Incubation Centre
14 Mr. Siddhanath S. Kambar External Expert Startup/ Alumni Entrepreneur
15 Mr. Anup B. Patil External Expert Expert from nearby Industry/Industry association/Ecosystem Enablers

Student members

Sr. No. Name of Student Dept. Year Key Role / Position assigned in IIC
1 Ms. Priyanka Tibile ECE 4th year Members
2 Mr. Rajkumar Shirkhande ECE 3rd year Innovation coordinator
3 Ms. Akshata Kalaje ECE 2nd year Members
4 Ms. Pallavi Basannavar ECE 1st year Members
5 Mr. Prashant Savant CSE 4th year Members
6 Ms. Soumya Patil CSE 3rd year Internship coordinator
7 Ms. Gouri Tambad CSE 2nd year Members
8 Ms. Janhvi Burji CSE 1st year Members
9 Mr. Prathamesh Kesarakar ME 4th year Members
10 Mr. Sharvil Shaha ME 3rd year Social Media coordinator
11 Mr. Sharavan Jadhav ME 2nd year Members
12 Mr. Aniket Mane ME 1st year Members
13 Mr. Pranit M. Ugare CE 4th year Members
14 Mr. Vinod Patil CE 3rd year Startup Coordinator
15 Mr. Muhammad Soudagar CE 2nd year IPR Coordinator
16 Mr. Brahmanand Hadkar CE 1st year Members